The Right Way to Modify a Flat Car to Look Bright Elegant and Safe

The Right Way to Modify a Flat Car to Look Bright, Elegant and Safe

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Car modification, there are now many tutorials and services for car modification. From changing basic colors, adding features, or just replacing a number of car engine parts.

One of the few items the car wants to change is to turn the car into a flatter one. Because modifying a car is also a hobby for some people. In changing the car to be more flat, deficiencies and advantages will be found. Therefore, before you start the steps to modify the car, you should first learn the advantages and disadvantages of a flat car. Here’s the explanation:


First – the advantages of a flat car, one of which is to add cool appearance in terms of the exterior of the car. The car will look more beautiful and elegant. Especially if the trimmer is a sedan.

Second – flat modification can also be a solution in overcoming the suspension of a car that is easy to shake, especially when driven at high speeds and usually occurs in cars that have high enough ground clearance.

Here are the weaknesses of a flat car modification:

First – the bumper of the car is dented if it crosses sharp inclines and slopes. Under the car prone to kepentok when passing a perforated road, of course, police kepentok sleep, and tires will quickly run out too overloaded.

Second – flat cars also cause slamming the car’s suspension feels harder than normal. This is increasingly felt when the driver crosses the road is less flat or even damaged so that it will eventually reduce the comfort factor.

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But this has been trimmed by Daihatsu. In the official Daihatsu website, several tricks and tips have been presented to successfully make the car flat and comfortable to use.

First – Try to pay attention to the quality per and recognize the characteristics of the car so as not to sacrifice your driving comfort.

Second – High shock and per must be the same because if the shock is higher, the car must be uncomfortable to drive. Lower the maximum 5 cm for the front and rear so that there is still a distance to swing per.

Third – Ensure that the mounting mounting shock absorber is firmly and not rocked at the foot of the car.

Fourth – Pay attention to the material, type, and screw stretch, diameter and thickness itself. Don’t just cut it.

So some tricks and tips to change the car to become more flat, comfortable and safe. Hopefully this article is useful and keep driving safe. These methods might help you to make your smartphone look cool and elegant, but still safe and comfortable.


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