The Best Tips for Cleaning Your Car Steering Wheel

One component of the car that is always in contact with the hand is the steering wheel. Over time, the steering wheel will become dirty due to the friction of your hands. Therefore, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the interior of the cabin, you should clean the part after a long trip.

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Car steering is an important component that serves to drive the vehicle. This component is often wrapped with leather, either synthetic leather or genuine leather which is quite expensive. Of course for sure you want the car steering wheel to be clean and comfortable right?

The following are the best tips for cleaning your steering wheel

  1. If the steering wheel is not too dirty, you can use a lap chamois or better known as kanebo to clean it by wiping the entire surface of the steering wheel using this cloth.
  2. Before cleaning the vehicle steering wheel, never use detergent liquid. Because this liquid will make the steering wheel become dull and damaged, especially if your steering wheel is made of leather.
  3. You can use special fluids to clean the inside of the car such as the Upholstery cleaner or car seat cleaner. This liquid is quite effective for cleaning your steering wheel made of leather.
  4. If your steering wheel is made of vinyl which is the same as the material used in the dashboard. You can use dash fluid and a door enhancer that is perfect for use
  5. Make sure before driving the vehicle, the condition of your hands is in a clean condition. This is so that the dirt from the hand does not stick on the steering wheel of your vehicle.

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