Mitsubishi Mirage With New Juke Platform Ready To Release In October 2019

Mitsubishi Mirage With New Juke Platform


Change in Mirage, is it no stranger to Mitsubishi Mirage? Mirage is one of the many Mitsubishi outputs that is still an option in many circles. But now there is a difference with Mirage 2019.


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The latest Mirage will debut in October 2019 at the Tokyo Motot Show. This is where Mitsubishi will showcase the appearance of the latest Mirage which is slightly different from the previous Mirage. This time Mirage will be displayed in a special design. One of them is using the CMF B platform, which has been developed by Nissan and Renault and has been used by Nissan Juke.

The latest Mirage will be equipped with several of these features. The presence of the kitchen sector is equipped with three engine choices. There is a 0.9L turbo 3-cylinder gasoline engine, 1.2L turbine 3-cylinder inline, and an inline 1.5L turbo 4-cylinder diesel.

So little info regarding the latest 2019 Mirage output. The model and design are suitable for all ages and all ages.



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